Data and Accountability

Assessment and Accountability

  • Assessments in the Sunnyvale School District 

    The Sunnyvale School District utilizes a range of assessment strategies to gain a full, detailed view of student progress toward Board of Education established standards of expected achievement.  Testing is a valuable educational tool for student assessment and program evaluation. It is important, however, to remember that test data is only one snapshot in the total performance picture for a student, grade level, school, or district.
    Local Benchmark Assessments used in Sunnyvale School District are as follows:
    Grades TK-2: Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System
    Grades 3-5: NWEA Reading
    Grades 1-5: NWEA Math
    Grades K-5: District Writing Assessments
    Grades K-5: Math Performance Tasks 
    Middle Schools
    Grades 6-8: NWEA Reading
    Grades 6-8: NWEA Math
    Grades 6-8: Common ELA and Math assessment