Welcome to Room 2 at Fairwood Explorer!!!

  • Priorities:

    My prorities are to give each child a solid foundation and help them develop socially and academically, provide a safe, supportive, and fun classroom environment for both students and parents, and develop a partnership with parents to provide the best educational experience for students. 


    There are many ways to contact me. Please feel free to email me anytime. 

    • Email – anna.thomas@sesd.orgsesd.org
    • After dismissal – 2:15pm
    • Note in your student's Daily Folder
    • Reminder – all responses will be made after the school day and responses may take approximately 72 hours

    Curriculum & Standards

    • All instruction is based on the Common Core Standards.
    • We use the curriculum adopted by the state and selected by our district.
    • We use the Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop methods to build lifelong literacy habits.
    • We are committed to differentiated, small group instruction and hands-on learning.

    Project Based Learning (Inquiry Based Learning):

    • What is a Neighborhood?
      • Understanding our neighborhood
      • Community helpers
      • Build our own Neighborhood
    • Non-Fiction Books – Experts (animals)
      • What is an expert?
      • How can I become an expert?
      • What are the features of a non-fiction book?
      • What do I need to know to be an expert?
        • What do animals need to live?
        • Types of animals?
        • Animal adaptations?


    Read 20 minutes nightly. I send home book bags for students to support nightly reading.