• Please dress for success and learning!

    We want every student at Fairwood Explorer to come to school and experience success each day. Being healthy, clean, and dressing appropriately for school allows students to focus on learning. Please take a moment to read these guidelines carefully and discuss them with your child.

    • Flip flops and open-toed shoes should not be worn for safety reasons and are not allowed in Physical Education classes

    • Heelys or shoes with rollers or wheels are not permitted on campus

    • Shirts or other tops must cover the midriff (stomach) and back for boys and girls

    • Shorts are recommended under skirts and dresses

    • Show your Fairwood Explorer School Spirit every Friday by wearing your Fairwood Explorer gear or Fairwood Explorer colors

    Please note:  Students who come to school wearing inappropriate clothing may be asked to return home to change. Students who repeatedly wear clothing that is inappropriate will meet with the principal and the child's family.