Cumberland Volunteers

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    "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, 
    nothing is going to get better. It's not."
    -Dr. Seuss, - The Lorax
     Cumberland would not be the same without all of our wonderful volunteers! Please review the information below to make sure you are ready to help make a difference.

Classroom Volunteers

  • All classroom volunteers must be approved by our district office before they can work in the classroom.
    In order to be approved there are two steps that must be done:
    1. Fill out a volunteer form, and return it to the office. (A new form is required each school year.)
    2. Please attach a new copy of your TB test result or a TB risk assessment  to your volunteer form.  TB tests are valid for four years.
    Volunteer forms and TB tests are forwarded to the District Office for approval.  This process can take between two to three weeks, so please plan ahead. Teachers are notified when volunteers are cleared to started helping. 
    **Please be sure to sign in, and wear a visitor/volunteer sticker.
    * Updated 10/6/15- fixed volunteer links

Field Trip Driver

  • The forms below need to be filled out completely and turned in to the office before you are permitted to drive on school trips. This needs to be done at least two weeks before a field trip occurs. You also need to make sure you have your volunteer form and TB test on file as well.
    This form asks you for your vehicle, drivers license information and insurance policy information. This form also contains a letter from the district that needs to be read and signed by the driver.
    2.  Current Declaration Page
    This page is found within your insurance policy, under Declaration, Limited Liability.  Please print and attach.
    Renewal "cards" do not meet this requirement.
    4. Valid TB Test on File,  
    All drivers must also have a valid TB test on file in the office.