Fun Library Clubs

  • Millionaire Club:   Become a Reading Millionaire!


    Do you want to become a millionaire?  Well, now you have your chance!  Keep track of all the titles you have read on an Excel spreadsheet (parents need to help).  Books that are read to your student count as do books the student reads independently.  Once you have finished you book, visit,  Click on the "tab" for ADVANCED SEARCH, type in the TITLE of your book (make sure it's the same author).  Click on the title and put the word count in to your Excel spreadsheet.  Keep your log until you have reached your 1,000,000 words and turn in to Mrs. Atkins.



    Library Club:      Help monitor the library


    Come join the fun in Library Club!  Students, mainly grades 2-5, can come to the library during recess/lunch and learn to check books in, puts books back on the shelves, clean the shelves, cover new books and make new friends.  Did you know that the AR section, in the library, is kept in order by the Library Club members!  They keep the library clean and in order.


    Puzzle Club:       Work in progress!


    Come meet new friends at lunch and put together pieces of the puzzle!  Puzzles are typically 1,000 pieces and we learn puzzle building techniques and team building.