Sunnyvale School District Departments

  • If you would like detailed information about curriculum development, human resources policies or communication practices, please visit the directory of district departments below.

  • Business Services

    The Business Services Department manages all of the financial transactions for the Sunnyvale School District. This is where you can find parcel tax exemption and refund forms.  The Business Department also oversees the District's Child Nutrition Department. 

  • Food Services

    The Food Services Department manages all of the food service programs for the Sunnyvale School District. 

  • Teaching and Learning

    The Teaching and Learning Department houses Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, Special Education and Student Services. 

  • Educational Technology

    The Educational Technology Department is tasked with purchasing, deploying, and supporting technology for all staff and students.  Both the wired and wireless network, as well as the VOIP phone system, are all maintained through the Educational Technology Department.   

  • Human Resources

    The Human Resources Department is responsible for providing and coordinating all personnel activities including recruitment and selection of all District employees; placement of substitute and student teachers; ensuring District compliance with federal and state employment practices; maintaining all employee records; classification and compensation; negotiating and administering employment agreements, and employee recognition. 

  • Operations

    The Operations Department is responsible for all aspects of the District's physical plant.  HVAC, custodial services, and student transportation, Information Technology are all deployed through the Operations Department. This is also where you can find information regarding our bond measures. 

  • Preschool

    The Preschool Program Department oversees all state and local preschool services provided by the Sunnyvale School District.

  • Student Information & Enrollment

    The Student Information & Enrollment Department is tasked with supporting all student data needs for the district.  PowerSchool, third party application support,  attendance, student registration, address verification, local reporting, and state reporting are all delivered through Student Information & Enrollment.