• Qualified staff

    Effective learning begins with qualified, caring teachers. We are fortunate in our district to have a solid team of qualified instructors, all of whom hold California teaching credentials. The district provides regular opportunities for professional development among our instructional and administrative staff, and all play an active role in visioning and planning for their individual school sites. Additionally, teachers in the Sunnyvale School District are empowered as leaders in their classrooms, able to set and create a course of study that embodies district values while meeting the needs of the individual students they serve.


    Teaching methodologies

    Sunnyvale School District teachers are encouraged to draw from time-tested teaching methods as well as the newest and most promising innovations coming out of teaching universities. In addition, our teachers are able to access the resources they need, including state-of-the-art technology and quality science lab equipment, to provide the highest quality education they can for their students.


    Differentiated instruction

    Through frequent assessment and regular observation, our teaching team can quickly identify students who are having trouble grasping concepts, or in need of greater challenge. In response, our teachers may alter the way a lesson is taught to better meet an individual student’s learning needs. By considering children’s individual learning styles and strongest learning modalities, teachers can help students to better grasp concepts and to enjoy the learning process.


    Special education and Student services

    Sunnyvale School District believes that every child can learn, and that it is our responsibility to ensure that they do. Our district is fully equipped and ready to help students whose physical, cognitive, or scholastic skills are such that they require special interventions or significantly altered instructional techniques in order to learn effectively. By working with our special education team, parents can ensure that their children are properly assessed, that a comprehensive individualized learning plan is developed, and that the students have the resources they need for learning success. For more information about our special education services, visit the special education page