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    The Sunnyvale School District, along with its schools, have a variety of social networking and media sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. If you are a subscriber to these sites, feel free to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter


    Sunnyvale School District

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    Bishop Elementary



    Cumberland Elementary

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    Lakewood Elementary

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    San Miguel Elementary

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    Vargas Elementary

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Sunnyvale School District Social Media Account Set-up and Directory Application

  • To get started using Twitter, Facebook, or other social media on behalf of a Sunnyvale School District school, program, or group, please fill out the form below. (Please use this form for social media profiles for district departments, schools, classes, teams, organizations, or groups of parents and/or students; not personal profile pages.)


    Employees setting up and/or maintaining an SSD social media page also agree to add a supervisor and/or Alia Wilson, district communications coordinator, as an administrator for the page. This will enable the district to share timely information through the page in the event of an emergency situation in which you are unable to access your page. For help adding a page administrator or questions involving privacy settings, etc., please contact Jonathan Watts, the district technology coach. 


    Social Media Account Set-up and Directory Application