Important facts and figures for Sunnyvale School District


    Sunnyvale School District is located in the northwestern section of Santa Clara County, the heart of the Santa Clara Valley. The District is 13.75 square miles roughly bordered by El Camino, State Route 85, Caribbean Drive, and Lawrence Expressway. The Sunnyvale School District team includes 933 highly qualified educators, administrators and support staff whose primary goal is to enable the approximately 6,500 students enrolled in our schools to achieve academic success.


    The District Map shows school locations and boundaries.


    SSD reflects the diversity of Silicon Valley, with approximately 45 languages represented among its students.

    SSD has more than 35 community partners including world-class universities, high-tech leaders, health organizations, community groups, and others to leverage resources and expertise to help our children develop the self-respect, healthy habits, and academic skills they need to thrive. Learn more here.


    Our schools have earned many state and national awards including:

    • California Distinguished Schools
    • Blue Ribbon Schools
    • Ashoka Changemaker School
    • Gold Ribbon Schools
    • Hoffman Awards
    • Governor’s Reading Awards



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    Number of Schools

    Our district is comprised of one preschool program at two sites, eight elementary schools serving students in Kindergarten through fifth grade, and two middle schools serving students in sixth through eighth grade.


    State Preschool

    • Lakewood and San Miguel



    • Bishop, 450 N. Sunnyvale Ave., 408-522-8229
    • Cherry Chase, 1138 Heatherstone Way, 408-522-8241
    • Cumberland, 824 Cumberland Drive, 408-522-8255
    • Ellis, 550 E. Olive Ave., 408-522-8260
    • Fairwood Explorer, 1110 Fairwood Ave., 408-523-4870
    • Lakewood, 750 Lakechime Drive, 408-522-8272
    • San Miguel, 777 San Miguel Ave., 408-522-8278
    • Vargas, 1054 Carson Drive, 408-522-8267



    • Columbia, 739 Morse Ave., 408-522-8247
    • Sunnyvale, 1080 Mango Ave., 408-522-8288


    Student Enrollment

    About two-thirds of the K-8 students who live in the city of Sunnyvale are within the boundaries of the Sunnyvale School District.

    • Bishop: 481
    • Cherry Chase: 860
    • Cumberland: 775
    • Ellis: 740
    • Fairwood: 446
    • Lakewood: 425
    • San Miguel: 396
    • Vargas: 472
    • Columbia Middle: 766
    • Sunnyvale Middle: 1,209


    Student Ethnicity

    Hispanic/Latino: 37%

    Asian: 35%

    White: 24%

    African American: 2%

    Native American: 2%


    Percentage of Students on Free and Reduced Lunch: 35%


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