Migrating Student Google Accounts

  • Students who graduate in conjunction with their current year will have until September 1st to migrate their academic data from their Sunnyvale School District Account to their own personal Google email address.

    For student transfers out of the District, account suspension will occur the day after the official retirement of the student from the district. For any additional access past the deadline, email techsupport@sesd.org and include:

    • The parent/guardian's name
    • The parent/guardian's email on record with the District
    • The Student ID number of the student
    • The main phone number on file with the District

    We have provided documentation for various procedures for data transfers and backups to maximize the convenience of a successful transfer under different scenarios. 

    Google Takeout - This option is best if you plan on downloading a large amount of files/data.

    Google Drive Share - This option is best if you have several specific files you want to download


    For any student tech-related inquiries or general questions, please email student.email@sesd.org.

    For any staff tech-related inquiries or general questions, please email techsupport@sesd.org