State Preschool

  • The Sunnyvale School District State Preschool Program is licensed by the Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing and serves children who will qualify for kindergarten the following school year, or who are 4 or 3 years old, as space allows.

    Equal treatment and access to services are provided without regard to race, creed, religion, national origin, ethnic background, sex or physical handicap. This program operates without religious instruction or any corporal punishment.


    San Miguel State Preschool

    Facility License Number: 434415209 

    Lakewood State Preschool 

    Facility License Number: 434414750


    Registration for the fall session (2020-2020) has begun!  Please call our office to set up an appointment 

    (408 522-8213) ext 2039

    Registration hours are by appointment.

    We are registering students at this time.  Students attend live sessions online with preschool staff and receive weekly lesson plans, theme based instruction, consultation with lead teachers, and interaction with peers.  Once we return to lessons in person, the same groups will be maintained.

    Join us!



    Proof of income requirements



    1. Provide one month of income (ex. 2 pay stubs) for each working parent who is responsible for the welfare needs of the family or current tax income form.


    2. If you are receiving unemployment, social security or disability benefits: please provide recent notice of checks or stubs.


    3. If parents can't provide proof of income (ex. gets paid cash, is unemployed, etc.) you must fill out a “self-certification of income” form.


Special Education Preschool

  • What is Special Education?


    Special Education is specifically designed instruction, at no cost to parents, to meet the unique needs of a child with a disability.  Sunnyvale School District is a member of the Special Education Local Plan Agency (SELPA II).  For additional information about Santa Clara County SELPA, please check the Santa Clara County Office of Education Website at


    Students are eligilbe for Special Education services though the Sunnyvale School District beginning at three years of age.


    For more information regarding special education, please visit the Sunnyvale School District Student Services and Special Education webpage at:

    Sunnyvale School District Special Education 

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