• How do I know if my student qualifies for transportation services?

    Sunnyvale School District has prioritized providing transportation to students who live in areas defined as "Safety Zones." Those areas are shown on this map: All Safety Areas. Students who live in these areas will be receiving registration instructions. You can also check if your residence is within these zones by using the SSD School Finder Look-up tool

    Why are these changes happening now?

    In our ongoing effort to safely increase our transportation services, we will be requiring families to register their students for transportation. Each rider will be issued a bus pass that they must present to the driver each day. This increases our ability to know the students that are riding our buses and to better communicate with the families of those students. 

    Which schools have Safety Zones in their boundaries, or will have transportation services?

    Bishop (Safety Areas 8 & 9)

    Ellis (Safety Areas 5 & 6)

    San Miguel (Safety Area 4)

    Lakewood (Safety Areas 2 & 3)

    Vargas (Safety Area 1)

    Columbia (Safety Areas 2, 4, & 7)

    Sunnyvale Middle School (Safety Areas 1, 5, & 6)

    Please note that Safety Area 7 is only for CMS students. Fairwood and Lakewood students are not included in those areas. 

    Will every student who resides in a Safety Zone be bused?

    Since the number of students that reside in Safety Zones exceeds the number of seats that we have on our buses, not every student who registers for transportation will be able to ride. We will generate wait lists for transportation services. 

    What about students residing in a Safety Area that go to a campus that is not their home campus?

    Students electing to attend a campus outside their attendance area would not qualify for transportation services. 

    Ex. A Lakewood student residing in Safety Area 2 who elects to attend Cherry Chase would not receive transportation services. 

    When will I know if my student will be receiving a bus pass?

    On or before June 30, 2023. We will be messaging all families of students who will be receiving a bus pass for the upcoming school year. 

    How will I receive my student's bus pass?

    The school site will be mailing your bus pass to your residence, or families may pick up their student's bus pass the week prior to the start of school. 

    Can we sign up for only morning or only afternoon busing?

    No. A student who is registered for transportation services is expected to ride the bus in the morning and afternoon. This is to make sure that we are maximizing the number of students we provide services to. 

    Will after-school programs or sports be able to receive HTST?

    At this time, no. We will continue to expand and develop this plan with the goal of providing transportation for after-school programs at a later date. 

    Will attendance be mandatory?

    Yes. Five unexcused absences from the bus may result in a suspension of HTST services.

    Who can I speak to if I have questions regarding transportation?

    Please contact your campus administration.