•  Residency Reporting Tip Line


    Anonymous Residency Reporting Tip Line 


    Please use the ANONYMOUS Residency Reporting Tip Line if you believe someone is falsifying their student's address in order to attend the Sunnyvale School District.

    The Sunnyvale School District is making a concerted effort to ensure that students who reside within our District boundaries have a seat available for them at their home school.

    Families that use false residency information can cost the District millions of dollars and can be the cause of cutting many valuable programs, reduction of services, and the potential layoff of staff members. We routinely examine all forms of residency verification very carefully, as well as randomly conduct home visits to ensure the veracity of student residency.

    When calling the tip line please speak slowly and clearly, leaving as much information as you can to help us verify the student's status. As an example, the following information is very helpful:

    1. Students or Family's name (if known)
    2. The address in question (very important)
    3. School Student is attending
    4. Where you believe the student actually lives 
    5. How you learned of student's non-district address. For example;
      1. The student may have told you
      2. You witness children being dropped off in the neighborhood
      3. You know the children do not live at an address full time
      4. You may have driven the student home after school or from a school event
      5. You may have visited the student at home.
    6. Any other information you feel would be helpful to our investigators

    Residency Reporting Tip Line: (408) 522-8200

    Remember: You are providing this information anonymously. This information will not be shared with the student or the family. This information does, however, help our investigators in determining the validity of the student's address.

    Thank you for supporting the Sunnyvale School District's residency efforts.