2024-2025 Intradistrict Applications will start to be accepted as of March 2024. 

    The Intradistrict Transfer process applies to those parents who would like their children to attend a school within the Sunnyvale School District other than the student's homeschool. All Intradistrict requests are initiated at the Sunnyvale School District and must be renewed annually since Intradistrict transfers are valid for one (1) school year. An approved Intradistrict Transfer agreement must be in effect between the student's homeschool and the school of choice before a student can attend the desired school. 

    ***We are not able to provide the status of a pending application.

    Notifications will be sent in writing once a decision has been made.***

  • Starting an Intradistrict form:

    • Intradistrict forms are initiated and completed at the Sunnyvale School District.
    • 4 proofs of residency are to be provided when the form has been completed and is ready to be submitted
    • All Intradistrics must be submitted in person at the District Office.
      • 819 West Iowa Sunnyvale, CA 94086   Monday- Friday 8:00 am- 5:00 pm

    Intradistrict Conditions:

    • If granted, this permit will be valid for no longer than one (1) school year.
    • Limited transfers are usually applied for when a student wishes to complete the school year at the school where they were administratively placed (over-loaded) at the time of registration, or a student moved midyear and wishes to remain in a school that is no longer in their attendance area.
    •  Intradistrict transfers do not extend into the next school year. 
    • Students will be returned to their resident school at the end of the current school year. 
    • This permit will remain in force only as long as the pupil's attendance and behavior are satisfactory to the requested school.
    • If the requested school is offered as a school of choice, future transfer requests must be made through the Open Enrollment lottery process during the month of February for the next school year.