• Special Education Extended School Year  



    Extended School Year (ESY) services should be provided for each student who has exceptional needs and requires special education and related services in excess of the general academic year.  If such a student has handicaps, that are likely to continue indefinitely or for a prolonged period and interruption of his/her educational programming may cause regression when coupled with a limited capacity to regain skills lost, which renders it impossible or unlikely that he/she will attain the level of self-sufficiency and independence that would otherwise be expected in view of handicapping condition.  (CCR Title 5 Article 4 Sec 3043)

    Extended School Year (ESY) is: 

    • Based only on specific essential skills that are critical to student's progress as determined by the IEP team.
    • Designed to maintain student progress, not to learn new skills.
    • Considered as a strategy for minimizing the regression of skills in order to allow recoupment at the same rate as general ed students.
    • An offer of services necessary to prevent regression to allow for recoupment.

    Extended School Year (ESY) is NOT: 

    • A mandated service for all students with disabilities.
    • Intended to provide additional instruction on the previous year's IEP goals.
    • Compulsory.
    • A summer recreation or respite program for students with disabilities.
    • A complete replica of the school year services; each service should be considered separately. 

    For more information, contact the Student Services and Special Education Department at 408-522-8200 Extn 1012.