Family Life tree

Family Life Overview

  • Our 6th, 7th and 8th grade science curriculum includes a unit on family life, including sex education and HIV/AIDS prevention. Content and instructional methods related to family life education are dictated by the state of California for all districts that opt to teach it. Parents are notified in the weeks before the program is taught and may opt to excuse their children from any portion of the instructional program that they find objectionable. Parents may view the Family Life curriculum at their school site or at the Sunnyvale School District office.


    SSD Family Life materials were revised during 2014-15. Special thanks to teachers Emily Carrington, Emily Moorehead, Julia Shotwell, Rose Weller, Nancy Messner, Kerry McNaughton and district staff Dorothy Abreu-Coito, Pam Murdock and Chris Montgomery.


    As always, we invite you to contact your child’s school for any questions related to this topic.