• Collaborative partners


    5210-Anti-obesity campaign - Palo Alto Medical Foundation providing nutrition education and instruction designed to encourage students to eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, limit screen time to two hours or less, get 1 hour of moderate to vigorous exercise a day and reduce consumption of sugary drinks (Grades K-5)

    Kaiser Permanente-Theater assemblies; Anti Bullying, Puberty and Nutrition providing student lessons and parent education  (Grades K-8)

    BAWSI-Bay Area Women’s Soccer Initiative-after- school girls soccer program (Grades 3-5, girls only)

    USSC-Provides an afterschool sports program including soccer, basketball and tennis for one-hour-one-day a week (Grades K-5)

    Playworks-Physical activity for students that provides play and physical activity throughout the school day. Playworks provides the coaches for the program Playworks is onsite for Bishop, San Miguel, Vargas, Lakewood and Ellis 

    CAFF(Community Alliance with Family Farmers)-Classroom Education-“Harvest of the Month” (Grades K-5)

    Family Engagement-Parenting classes building a “Solid Foundation for Student Success”  to strengthen the capacity of families, schools and the communities.

    Columbia Neighborhood Center-Supports and empowers youth and families-providing parenting classes, free yoga classes, youth drop-in gym and more!

    Safe Routes to School-Traffic Community Network-Walking and Bicycling to school-Student bike safety education assemblies and parent education-K-8 (Each site was recognized by the Mayor of Sunnyvale for their environment achievements)  (Grades K-8)

    Just Run-A web-based program that promotes physical activity and healthy lifestyles in schools and youth organizations throughout the United States combating childhood obesity.  Provided by the County Office of Education (Grade K-8)

    Dairy Council-Nutrition education available to all grade levels (Grades K-8)

    Health Teacher-Web-based health curriculum for teachers and parents that is designed and supported by El Camino and Stanford Hospital  (Grade K-12)

    GoNoodle- Web based interactive, core-aligned brain breaks that integrate brief bursts of physical activity into the classroom to refocus the classroom and stimulate learning in 5 minutes or less. GoNoodle is supported be El Camino and Stanford Hospital (Grades K-5)

    Generations Community Wellness-Equip individuals and communities to advance their health through physical activity and nutrition programs and policies.  All schools have an Employee Wellness Guideline policy that reminds staff to strive toward being a role model toward a healthy lifestyle and healthy choices.  In addition, Sunnyvale School District was honored through BANPAC  (Bay Area Nutrition and Physical Activity Collaborative) for this great achievement

    Sports Basement-Supports all Sunnyvale schools toward health and wellness, providing water stations for school activities events and offering a year-round 10% off all store purchases and giving back 5% to each schools account, at the end of the school year