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    Thank You for Your Interest in Volunteering in Our Schools!

    Parent involvement and community support are vital to the well-being of the Sunnyvale School District and, in particular, to each of our students who benefit from the personal attention that volunteers can offer. On any given day, hundreds of parents/guardians, family members, and community partners volunteer their time, talent, resources, and knowledge on our campuses.  Volunteers in our schools enrich the educational program, strengthen our schools’ relationships with the community, and support the District's primary mission of providing every student with a strong foundation of academic, behavioral, and social-emotional skills to prepare them for success in a diverse, challenging and changing world.

    Volunteers contribute in areas such as mentoring, tutoring, fundraising, as well as supporting school and classroom events. There are numerous volunteer opportunities within our District and each school site offers a variety of volunteer opportunities. 


    Getting Started as a Volunteer

    Things to Know Before You Start Volunteering

    In order to be a volunteer, you must complete an online volunteer application, located under the For Families and Family Engagement section on your school's website each school year. The District will then conduct a Megan’s Law background check (per CA Penal code 290).  

    Completed Volunteer applications are routed to the District Office for final approval. If all the requirements have been met, the Human Resources Department will notify the school site that the volunteer is cleared to begin services. Approval may take up to three (3) weeks. Please plan accordingly, especially if you are volunteering in a situation that would require fingerprinting.

    Each school’s volunteer application link is listed below. Before you begin your application please gather the following  information:

    Tuberculosis Clearance (Required for All)

    To complete the volunteer application you will need to provide a Tuberculosis (TB) Clearance prior to any services rendered to the District.  A TB Clearance is done at the volunteer's expense and is valid for four (4) years.  Volunteers may choose to either have a TB risk assessment, a TB skin test, or a blood test done for the required clearance. Additional information is available on the California Department of Public Health website.

    COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement (NO LONGER REQUIRED)

    As of September 19, 2022, school volunteers will no longer be required to show proof of vaccination as part of their onboarding paperwork. This decision is due to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) rescinding its August 11, 2021, State Public Health Officer Order. 

    Fingerprint Clearance (If Necessary)

    A fingerprint clearance is required if volunteers are placed in a situation in which they would directly supervise students without an on-duty District employee present. This scenario includes working one-on-one with students, including:

        • Volunteer assignment involving contact with students at school or on field trips where there is a possibility the volunteer could be outside the presence of a certificated staff member (teacher or administrator) even briefly.
        • Driving and/or chaperoning field trips, including after-school sports (Note: a valid CA Driver License and insurance coverage is also required for drivers).

    Check with the school site to find out if your volunteer role requires fingerprinting clearance. Note: that if you have previously been fingerprinted with the Sunnyvale School District, you do not need to repeat this process. However, if you have been fingerprinted with another agency you will need to be fingerprinted using the Sunnyvale School District Fingerprinting Form.

    Suggested Live Scan Location
    Address: 1208 E. Arques Avenue, #101, Sunnyvale, CA 94085
    Phone: (408) 739-4400
    Cost: $53.25 (this is a special discounted rate for the District)
    Website: http://www.notarylivescanpost.com/

    Additional information regarding how to provide your fingerprinting clearance is provided in the volunteer application.

    Mandated Reporter Training (Highly Encouraged)

    The District encourages all volunteers to take the online Mandated Reporter training.  To register for this valuable training please select the following link: Mandated Reporter Registration. The District suggests using a personal email for your “Username.” We appreciate your efforts in ensuring the safety of our students.

    Volunteer Assistance Board Policy and Administrative Regulations (Please Review)

    The District also encourages volunteers to review the District's Volunteer Assistance Board Policy and Regulation along with the District's Expectations of Volunteers document below.

    Tobacco-Free Environment (Please Review)

    Smoking is not permitted on our campuses. Sunnyvale School District's Tobacco-Free School Board Policy and Regulation is below for your review.


    Volunteer Applications (via Permission Click)

    Thank you for reviewing the information listed above. To complete your volunteer application, please select the appropriate school (if you will be volunteering at more than one school, please complete a form for each school).


    For more information about volunteering for the Sunnyvale School District please contact:

    Eileen Conway

    408-522-8200 x1063