Thank You for Your Interest in Volunteering in Our Schools!

    Parent involvement and community support are vital to the well-being of the Sunnyvale School District and, in particular, to each of our students who benefit from the personal attention that volunteers can offer. On any given day, hundreds of parents, grandparents, and community partners volunteer their time, talent, resources, and knowledge on our campuses.  By volunteering, they are expressing a deep commitment to education and support of the District's primary goal - to increase student achievement. 


    What Can Volunteers Do In the Virtual Learning Setting?

    Please be mindful, volunteering opportunities will look a little different due to COVID-19.


    Volunteers contribute in areas such as mentoring, tutoring, fundraising, enrichment programs, along with office and classroom assistance. There are numerous volunteer opportunities within our District. Here are just a few of the ways volunteers serve our students every day:

    • Working with small groups of students in our classrooms
    • Assisting students in the media centers
    • Working one-on-one to reinforce basic skills in math, reading, and spelling
    • Assisting in reading programs such as Reading Partners
    • Assisting in our computer labs
    • Assisting with science labs and projects
    • Working with special education students


    Getting Started as a Volunteer

    In order to meet the requirements for volunteering in public schools, as outlined in the California Education Code, the following procedures will need to be followed:


    1. A Tuberculosis (TB) Clearance must be on file prior to any services rendered to the District.  A TB Clearance is done at the volunteer's expense and is valid for four (4) years.  Volunteers may choose to either have a TB skin test or a TB risk assessment done for the required clearance. 


    TB Risk Assessment Form 


    1. Fill out the Volunteer Information Form (annually) and submit it along with your TB Clearance to the school site where you will be volunteering. We are using a new digital volunteer form via Permission Click to streamline the process. Please check your school's website for access to the Volunteer Information Form and for more school-specific information.


    1. The District encourages all volunteers to take the online Mandated Reporter training.  To register for this valuable training please select the following link: Mandated Reporter Registration. The District suggests using your home email for your Username.


    1. The District also encourages volunteers to review the District's Volunteer Assistance Board Policy and Regulation along with the District's Expectations of Volunteers document below. 


    Volunteer Assistance Board Policy

    Volunteer Assistance Regulation

    Expectations of Volunteers - English

    Expectations of Volunteers - Spanish 


    1. A fingerprint clearance will also be required if volunteers are working one-on-one with students or volunteering in our preschools. Live Scan Fingerprint Form for Volunteers.


    1. Completed Volunteer Information Packets will be forwarded from the school site where the volunteer has applied to the District Office for approval. If all the requirements have been met, the Human Resources Department will notify the school site when volunteers are cleared to begin services. Approval may take up to three (3) weeks. Please plan accordingly. 


    Smoking is not permitted on our campuses. Sunnyvale School District's Tobacco-Free School Board Policy and Regulation is below for your review.


    Tobacco-Free School Board Policy

    Tobacco-Free School Regulation



    For more information about volunteering for the Sunnyvale School District please contact:

    Eileen Conway

    408-522-8200 x1063