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    Attention all Classified Employees
    Are YOU Pursuing a Career as a Teacher?

    You may qualify to have part of your tuition costs reimbursed through the
    District’s Pathways to Teaching Program

    To apply/qualify – You will need:

    • To have completed your initial probationary period with the District.
    • Have completed your Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent.
    • Have two recommendation letters.
    • A completed Request for Award Approval form submitted to Human Resources.

    Please submit the completed Request for Award Approval form along with your letters of recommendation to Human Resources

    All approval requests will be submitted to the Pathways to Teaching Committee. The four-person committee will be comprised of two CSEA-appointed members and two members appointed by the District.

    The committee may approve awards up to $4000.00 per year, per participant, for approved coursework tuition reimbursement. Awards may not exceed 100% of actual costs for approved classes at an accredited college, university, or Santa Clara County Office of Education teacher credential preparation courses. For the portion of tuition reimbursed through this program, participants may not receive other reimbursement or financial assistance, including student loans. All courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better and awards will be paid after verification of grade(s) and costs. The forms and Memorandum of Understanding can be found below.