• Join our Special Education Team!


    We believe that Special Education is an integral part of the General Education program, not a separate entity.  To that end, our Special Education and General Education staff work collaboratively to provide best first teaching and targeted supports to meet student need.  Our MTSS systems support this work, as well as our commitment to equity for all students.


    As a Special Education Teacher, you will have the support of Special Education-specific staff  in the form of Special Education Coaches and Induction Mentors, a Behavior Support Team, School Psychologists, SLPs and Classroom Paraeducators at each site.  You will also have Occupational Therapists and other service providers as needed.  


    Special Education teachers and SLPs receive an additional step on the teacher salary schedule, which is a continuous benefit that also contributes to your retirement (as opposed to one-time payments).  For example, a new teacher will make approximately $9,500 more in their first 5 years of teaching with this additional step.  In addition to this continuous benefit, we are also offering a Signing Bonus for those hired for the 2022-23 School Year of $6,000 ($3,000 after the 1st year, $3000 after the 2nd year). 


    Top reasons to join our SpEd team!

    1. Targeted Support: Support is provided to help you grow in your practice as an educator through coaching, and ongoing professional development, tailored to your needs/interests.
    2. Staff SEL: Working with special needs students can be stressful.  Sunnyvale proactively works to support the social-emotional well-being of staff and students through dedicated social emotional support staff  and employee wellness resources.
    3. Compensation: Sunnyvale is among the higher paying Districts in Silicon Valley, and includes both one-time signing bonus as well as continuous benefit of an additional step.
    4. A team approach. You are not alone.  Our site teams support staff, staff support each other,  and our Administrators are available to you.
    5. Students are our top priority.   Our goal is optimal  student learning and growth.  The supports listed above impact staff  and allow them to provide our students the highest level of education and equity possible.