Human Resources Contact Information

  • Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have! 


    Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Information Systems

    Jeremy Nishihara

    408-522-8200 x1010


    Director of Human Resources

    Mary Beth Allmann

    408-522-8200 x1006


    Confidential Human Resources Program Analyst (Management Staff)

    Laura Di Pol

    408-522-8200 x1033


    Confidential Personnel Analyst (Certificated Staff) 

    Mary Gutierrez

    408-522-8200 x1054


    Confidential Personnel Analyst (Classified Staff) 

    Sharmila Velmurugan

    408-522-8200 x1046


    Staff Secretary (Substitute Staff)  

    Eileen Conway

    408-522-8200 x1063


    Department Administrative Assistant

    Rosa Maycotte

    408-522-8200 x1095